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Hello! My name is Ikbal. I was born in the village of Tanjung on Malenge Island. First I started working as a fisherman when I was 15 years old. At about 20 I started working at a nearby resort as a diving and snorkeling guide and learned English. Therefore I know the Togian Islands under and over the water like the back of my hand.

Now I have my own boat and tour business and I am very excited to show you the natural beauty of our islands. I offer personal tours and customize the actives, and whatever you wish.

I am happy to show you the beauty of the Togian Islands. There is no better way to getting around here than by boat!

Please use the "Contact" link and message section to ask me questions or to plan a customized boat tour. Or look at the "Boat Trips" link for samples of my trips.

The Crew

The boat will be always accompanied with two staff members. So you got the chance to meet one of these 3 mates as well!

Unde, Bahasa Indonesia, English
Father of three sons (1, 4 and 9). He lives with his family in Tanjung on Malenge Island. He already worked in a resort on the Togians as a boat driver and brought the guests to different snorkeling and diving spots. He is really experienced in driving the boat and support Ikbal to show you around the Togian Islands.
Firman, Bahasa Indonesia, English
The younger brother from Ikbal. He just finished successful his SMA degree (12. Schoolyear). Later he wants to go to University to study. Right now, he tries to save money for this purpose. Like his brother he grew up in Tanjung on Malenge Island and started with early age to help his brother fishing and handle the boat.

Stefanie, Deutsch, English, Bahasa Indonesia
She is born in Switzerland and met Ikbal on her travel on Togian Islands . Now, she supports Ikbal with the organization and bookings. Because there is no internet connection and just some spots with phone signal on the islands, Stefanie takes care, that your questions, requests and booking receive Ikbal and the boattrip crew. She keeps in touch with people on the mainland. If she is not too busy, she will join on the boattrip and helps Ikbal there.

The Boat

Size: Length 4 Meters, Wide 1.20 Meters
Motors: Honda 6.5 PSI and Honda 13.5 PSI

Snorkeling gear for 4 Persons
Storage space in the ship belly
Canopy to give shelter against sun and rain