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You want it your way? No problem! You can choose your favorite cottage or resort and together we can plan your Togian boat trip.

To help planning your trip, please use the contact link to send me the following information:

  • how many nights you would like to stay with us in the Togian Islands?
  • estimated arrival/departure date and place of entry/exit, either: Ampana, Wakai, Dolong, Bumbulan/Marisa or Gorontalo?
  • look through our detailed list of locations and let us know your favorite ones. Give us an idea of how many nights you would like to stay at each place.
  • tell us what quality of overnight accomodation you wish.
  • if you know, tell us the places you want to see.
  • would you like to dive or go snorkeling?
  • would you like to sleep on the beach?